Graduate subsidy programme launched under Green Employment Scheme

 A spokesman for the ENB said, "A sum of about $24 million has been earmarked under the Anti-epidemic Fund for the programme to provide employers of fresh graduates with a monthly subsidy of $5,610. This subsidy will form part of the monthly salary of each eligible fresh graduate paid by their employers for a period of 18 months."
     The subsidy programme will be implemented from 2020-21, covering more than 200 jobs. In addition to the salary subsidy, the Environmental Academy of the EPD will collaborate with various professional societies and organisations (including the Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals Limited as well as other societies and organisations) to provide graduates with professional training to help the employed graduates become better equipped with environmental expertise in different areas.
     "We understand that a number of companies are facing business challenges brought about by the impact of the epidemic and the economic downturn. We hope the subsidy programme would provide the relevant graduates with more green employment opportunities and help with professional succession in the environmental sector," the spokesman added.
     The EPD has commissioned the Hong Kong Productivity Council to implement the subsidy programme. Eligible private companies will be able to download the application form from the relevant website. Applications can be submitted together with supporting documents from June 26 to August 28. For more information, please call 2835 1870 or email
     Furthermore, among the over 500 time-limited jobs created under the GES covering three categories of environmental protection work, namely "Electric Vehicles (EVs) Popularisation", "Use Less, Waste Less" and "Leave No Trace at Mountain and Sea", recruitment for more than 100 jobs commenced in late May and early June.
     Jobs open for recruitment include the 30 Project Co-ordinator (electric vehicles) positions under "EVs Popularisation", 30 posts of Project Assistant (Waste Reduction and Recycling) and 40 waste reduction and recycling green ambassadors (food waste) under "Use Less, Waste Less", and 45 jobs offered by Community Green Stations through their operators. The feedback has been positive with over 5 000 applications received.
     Regarding the 150 green ambassador and 50 cleaning worker positions created for further promoting the "Leave No Trace at Mountain and Sea" outing concept, the first-round recruitment process for around half of them began this month. Recruitment for other vacancies including 50 eco-tour guides and artisans, 100 ambassadors participating in coastal cleaning and publicity work and more than 10 waste reduction and recycling green ambassadors will gradually commence in the coming months.