Irish Funds

Representing the Funds Industry in Asia 


why ireland

Irish Funds opened a representative office in Hong Kong to serve the Asia investment community in May 2012 in conjunction with the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.  Conor O'Mara and Michelle Lloyd are the local representatives of Irish Funds. 


The Hong Kong office:

1) works with the local investment community and Irish Funds Dublin to promote Ireland as a funds domicile

2) organises events in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore focused on relevant topics such a Stock Connect and RQFII

3) holds focused asset manager roundtables 

4) works with the Irish Consulate in Hong Kong on funds related topics 


The Irish Funds Industry Association (Irish Funds) is the representative body for the international investment fund community in Ireland.

Founded in 1991, Irish Funds represents fund managers, depositaries, administrators, transfer agents, professional advisory firms and other specialist firms involved in the international fund services industry in Ireland.

Members come from all areas of the international funds industry and Irish Funds is well-placed to support and complement the continued development of the industry. Irish Funds vigorously pursues the goals of enhancing and promoting Ireland as the location of choice for the domiciling and administration of investment funds.

Through its representation and participation on government and industry committees / working groups, Irish Funds has contributed to and helped shape the development of Ireland's regulatory and legislative framework and has proven that industry and authority can work in partnership together without compromising the essential integrity of their differing mandates. 

Through the development of policy and guidance papers in complex areas such as compliance, valuation, accounting, share dealing and registration, Irish Funds defines market practice. The collaboration across our member companies ensures that a wide range of industry perspectives and insights are represented in the formulation of these policy and guidance papers.