Ray Porter

Ray has spent the past fifteen years living and working in Asia, with the past ten years living in Hong Kong, he is a highly knowledgeable executive with over 30 years’ experience. He has spent a large portion of his career working in the IT sector primarily with Intel and Dell having held a number of senior leadership positions in both Europe and Asia Pacific. In his position as COO for PCH International (a product development and supply chain company) he gained an excellent insight into the supplier’s perspective of working with fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s leading brands. The PCH’s Incubator program gave Ray the exposure to the start-up community; this enabled him to experience the pace and energy that start-ups bring.

Ray believes that achieving a balance between the three core elements of Culture, Structure and Technology is a crucial requirement for any successful business, by analyzing these areas an organization can identify opportunities & enable the changes necessary to help meet its business objectives. 

Ray has built a management consultant business (BRIS Consulting) that helps organizations identify & prioritize the opportunities in the areas of Culture, Structure and Technology.  Using this focus BRIS has supported organizations across a wide variety of industries e.g. Shipping, Banking, Consumer Electronics, Toy, Supply Chain, Sports & Leisure and Life style, Home Fragrances & Pharmaceutical