Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum – Review and Recommendations

The Chamber welcomes the recent publication of the review of the Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum. We commend Michael Shannon on his report and very much welcome the results of the survey of Irish professionals in the region who expressed “strong support…behind the idea of an independently organised and resourced Forum”. As host of the Forum in the past, and given the involvement of so many of our members in the Forum over its 10 years to date, we are very much looking forward to being involved in the next phase of the Forum.

The report details a number of next steps for the Forum, namely:

1. Appoint an Advisory Board and set clear objectives and goals;
2. Secure initial seed funding to facilitate workplan;
3. Setup non-profit organization;
4. Appoint Executive Director.

Thank you to Liam Casey, Patron of the Forum and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for funding this important review of the APIBF.

Download the full report