Young Professionals – The 12 Pubs of Christmas 2015

Fri 04-Dec-2015

If your standard “12 pubs of Christmas” event features the cracking of refreshing beverages alongside the magical carolling of a Christmas choir, mid night dance-off’s, cheeky 7/11 pit stops and of course dancing on the tables alongside the manager of one of our 12 pubs, all whilst wearing Santa suits and vibrant head gear that could only be said to rival Rudolf’s red nose himself, then the Young professionals 12 pubs of Christmas was safely in line with tradition.

The crowds gathered above the welcoming and magnificent sounds of the inaugural Katterwall Christmas carollers and donned their eye catching Christmas outfits. As the clock struck 8:30pm, we raffled our amazing prizes given to us by our wonderful sponsors and began our pursuit towards the first pub. The turnout of approximately 60 Mr. and Mrs. Clauses began to migrate up the stairs licking their lips with what could only be the result of the delicious Tayto bestowed upon them earlier or perhaps in anticipation of what the night had in store.

As we laughed, drank and danced our way through Wyndham St. without a care for the looming hangover that was surely in store, we sauntered down towards our final destination picking up stranger and straggler alike. The masses swelled in the streets of Lan Kwai Fong as we approached Rula Bula, all merry from Christmas cheer and perhaps the previous 11 pubs…

It wasn’t without hiccups here and there but with the fantastic crowd that was present, the night went sensationally showing once again that it’s the company you keep. And of course we had the amazing partnerships with the bar managers and bar staff from all the venues who did a tremendous job on the night making sure we weren’t thirsty for long.

A big thank you to Paul Gallagher, Dave Ryan, Rosa Chan, Mandy Yip, Warren Baumberg, Dustin Kun,  Inge Grobbelaar, Bronagh Finnegan and Amy Challoner for all that they did as well as Peter Ryan and Ian Carroll at the Irish Chamber for making the night possible.

On behalf of the Young Irish Professionals, we just want to say thank you again for coming guys, we really appreciate the support and hope you all had fun.

You all helped us raise a tonne of money that we can really put to work to strengthen the impact of ‘The HK & Macau Irish Festival’ in the coming months – watch this space.

And last but not least, a big shout out to our sponsors Abacare, Glendalough Distillery, Rula Bula and Solas again for helping us with our raffle prizes and so much more. We can’t thank you guys enough!

See you at the next Young Irish professional’s event! (Soon to be announced!)

Slan go foil!

(Karl Redmond, Young Professionals, Irish Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong)